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2015 Top 10 Nurse Practitioner Blog Posts of Accessible Healthcare Institute with Dr. Rachel NP

Year In Review

The year of 2015 has been an exciting year for Accessible Healthcare Institute’s Blog. In just over a year, the blog has been honored to be listed with phenomenal nurses making an impact within the blogosphere of healthcare and nursing, such as:

Be sure to check out those blog lists to discover many nurses and nurse practitioners sharing their voice to promote the nursing profession. Each nursing blog has their own individual flair and writing style to appeal to a variety of readers. You’re sure to find more than a few nurse bloggers that interest you. You may stumble upon a few nurse bloggers you choose to subscribe to their blog, or follow their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram or Pinterest.

This year, Accessible Healthcare Institute’s podcast, The Nurse Practitioner Show ™ was featured on Nursing From Within by Elizabeth Scala. I was honored to be featured as a Connected Amplifier and social media expert for The Art of Nursing, as well as a guest blogger for:

Top 10 Blog Posts

So what were the most popular and most read blog posts this year? Here’s the Top 10 Blog Posts List of 2015:

1. The Art of Nursing

The top blog post this year is The Art of Nursing. Is nursing an art or a science? This article explores the transition of nursing as an art with Florence Nightingale to the evolvement of blending the art of nursing with nursing science, and the implementation of evidence-based practice at the bedside.

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2. Terminally Educated

The second most read post this year is Terminally Educated. Although it sounds like a disease, this article begins by describing the history of nursing knowledge development and doctorally prepared nurses. What’s the difference between Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) and PhD in Nursing? The comparisons and contrasts between DNPs and PhDs are discussed, as well as how each role is needed and complements the other, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

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3. Sex Slaves Generate 9.5 Billion USD for the Human Trafficking Industry

Did you know there are more people bond by slavery now than ever before? Human trafficking for forced labor and sexual slavery is a highly profitable business. The industry of trafficking humans generates $32 Billion USD across the globe, and $9.5 Billion USD in the United States. Tune in to one of our podcasts providing education on the criminal activity of human trafficking, and an interview with a human rights activist leading a ministry dedicated to rescuing sex slave survivors.

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4. Four Steps to Interprofessional Collaboration

A key element of successful healthcare interprofessional practice is effective communication among interdisciplinary team members, or interprofessional collaboration. By implementing interprofessional collaboration, hierarchal boundaries are lifted and shared governance is instituted. Interprofessional communication results in a more holistic approach with team members being inclusive of all aspects of healthcare providers. How can you implement interprofessional collaboration? Read this article to learn four steps to begin this process to engage all healthcare team members.

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5. Autism Part 2 of 3: What Happens After an Autism Diagnosis

This article is part 2 of a 3-part series on autism. Once a child is diagnosed with autism, it can be a maze to figure out the next step. Part Two discusses early intervention services, traditional and holistic therapy options, support services, physical activity needs, needs of family members, caregivers & siblings, and provides resources for the reader.

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6. The Gut Truth About Probiotics

Believe it or not, our body needs and thrives off of bacteria. Probiotics are good bacteria colonized in our gastrointestinal tract in utero, before birth. Did you know probiotics are immune modulators improving our immune system? That probiotics improve not only gastrointestinal health, but are also related to respiratory and mental health, too? Scientists have discovered our gut microbes affect our eating behaviors, dietary choices, and mood. Read this post to enlighten your knowledge about the benefits of probiotics and where to find them.

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7. Autism Part 3 of 3: Transitioning Into Adulthood with Autism

The last part in our series on autism, this blog post and podcast discusses transitioning into adulthood with autism. Topics include the Individualized Educational Plan (IEP), disability benefits including both federal and state disability services, housing options, housing funding options, adult health, employment, long-term planning for the future, legal considerations, health policy advocacy, and additional resources.

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8. The Role of Nurse Practitioners in Healthcare

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the nurse practitioner profession! This article begins by describing the development of the nurse practitioner role in 1965 by Dr. Henry Silver, a pediatrician, and Dr. Loretta Ford, a nurse. Information on the  nurse practitioner scope of practice and capabilities as a healthcare leader are provided. In addition, seven nurses and nurse practitioners share their insight on the role of nurse practitioners within the healthcare delivery system.

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9. Antibiotic Resistance a Growing Global Concern

Our culture expects immediate gratification. This also includes when we are sick. We want to get better fast. This leads to patients expecting antibiotics and providers over-prescribing antibiotics. When is an antibiotic truly needed? And what’s the harm in taking an antibiotic? Read more to learn about antibiotic resistance, antibiotic stewardship, and how global and national organizations are working together to fight this growing epidemic.

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10. How Do I Become a Nurse Practitioner?

This article was written as a guest blog post for Have you thought of pursuing the academic and professional journey towards becoming a nurse practitioner? Then you need to read this post. You will learn 16 steps to earning your Master of Science in Nursing, becoming nationally certified as a nurse practitioner, and receiving state licensure to begin your career as a nurse practitioner.

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It’s been a great year blogging! Happy reading. And, you just might consider becoming a blogger yourself this year…Wishing you a Happy New Year filled with peace, joy, health and abundant blessings.

The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better ~Robert F. Kennedy

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