SEO and Social Media Marketing 101 For Nurses with Cynthia Sanchez BSN, RN

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The Nurse Practitioner Show Podcast™ Episode 008: SEO and Social Media Marketing 101 for Nurses with Cynthia Sanchez BSN, RN of | Hosted by Dr. Rachel Silva, NP

Are you a nurse or healthcare professional comfortable with the familiarity of medical lingo and considering a venture into business and entrepreneurship? If so, you’ll need to learn a new language, the language of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media marketing. This is how nursing entrepreneur Cynthia Sanchez BSN RN, of Oh So Pinteresting, comes into the picture, so to say. She’s a registered nurse and knows how nurses think, and she’s a successful entrepreneur and knows how to help you discover successful business marketing strategies.

Video Podcast Episode 008 and also on YouTube (25 minutes)

Cynthia was a guest on The Nurse Practitioner Show Podcast ™ Episode 008. She has an infectious heartwarming personality and is thrilled to help entrepreneurs discover personalized tactical steps to be successful through strategic marketing concepts. This wasn’t a path that Cynthia followed, but rather found her. It began with her love and appreciation for Pinterest and how it gradually starting changing her life. Cynthia was fascinated with the accessibility and user-friendly online platform of Pinterest, and even more so with its portability. Once, Cynthia even used Pinterest on her iPhone for her hairstylist to see what she had in mind. Another time, she left some business cards in the salon and that’s when her life got “Oh So Pinteresting.” A customer found her business card and contacted her interested in hiring her to help with social media marketing through Pinterest. Baffled at the suggestion, as she was a nurse and thought of Pinterest as “something for fun,” she tried to convince the business that she was a nurse and not experienced in social media marketing. They insisted, seeing the true gem of a savvy business woman yet to be discovered internationally. Since then Cynthia has founded Oh So Pinteresting and is now a workshop facilitator, business coach and in high demand as a national and international conference speaker. She can be contacted on her website to learn more from her about how she can help you.

On the Nurse Practitioner Show, Cynthia shared some starter tips for nurses pursuing business opportunities interested in bringing greater awareness to their brand as bloggers, authors, private practice owners, and more. She explains how to begin implementing SEO for increased website traffic to your business, and research from Harvard University School of Business indicating a much underutilized, but one of the most trafficked, search engines. Can you guess who it is? Be sure to tune in to podcast episode 008 on The Nurse Practitioner Show™, also available as mobile device apps on Apple, Android and Kindle Fire devices with access to this episode’s show notes. As Cynthia says, “don’t just pin it, do it.” It’s guaranteed to be The Nurse Practitioner Show Podcast Episode 008 with Cynthia Sanchez of Oh So PInteresting hosted by Dr. Rachel Silva NP

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