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The Nurse Practitioner Show discusses relevant topics utilizing translational research to improve patient outcomes. Topics include evidence-based practice in the clinical setting, interprofessional collaboration, with strategies to improve public health, disease prevention, health promotion, health policy efforts, and advance nursing practice.

Podcast episodes are published every 2 weeks, on the 1st and 15th of every month. The episodes alternate between clinical or health policy updates, continuing education units (CEUs), and interviews with other nurse practitioners and healthcare clinicians.

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The Nurse Practitioner Show™

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Podcast Episode 005 and Show Notes

Podcast Episode 005 NP Leadership Within Your State: An Interview with Dr. Irene Bean DNP, FNP-BC Founder of Serenity Health Care PC and The Tennessee Nurse Practitioner Association (TNNPA)

Hosted by Dr. Scharmaine L. Baker DNP, FNP-BC, FAANP on December 15, 2014
005 Screenshot Interview with Dr Irene Bean DNP FNP | The Nurse Practitioner Show Podcast | Accessible Healthcare Institute LLC | Dr Scharmaine L Baker NPEpisode 005 discusses Dr. Bean’s vision for the role of nurse practitioners as effective healthcare team members and being a change agent within her home state of Tennessee. Dr. Bean is the co-founder, co-owner and the primary care provider of Serenity Health Care P.C. In addition, she is founder of the Tennessee State Nurse Practitioner Association. Dr. Bean urges all nurse practitioners to be active members of their state nursing organizations to improve access to care as effective healthcare change agents. Click play in the player above, or go here.

Episode Timeline
  • 1:10 Introduction to Dr. Bean
  • 3:10 Dr. Bean discusses establishment of The Tennessee Nurse Practitioner Association last year (TNNPA) and TNNPA’s goals as a state nursing organization
  • 5:30 In 2008 Dr. Bean established her private practice, Serenity Health Care, P.C.
  • 6:38 Obtaining the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) academic degree helped Dr. Bean formulate plans to establish her private practice, the Tennessee Nurse Practitioner Association and utilize evidence-based research into the clinical setting improving patient outcomes
  • 8:23 Dr. Bean’s first love is providing patient care and education
  • 9:18 TNNPA Goals, Monthly Meetings, Receiving Abstracts for Upcoming First Annual Conference, volunteers needed to help promote TNNPA mission
  • 11:20 Tennessee NPs are welcome to become members and work together as a team for the state of Tennessee, and be visible healthcare providers within your community
  • 14:14 Dr. Bean finds joy in being a Nurse Practitioner and wishes she would have become a nurse practitioner earlier in her nursing career. Learning is a lifelong journey.
  • 17:06 NPs promote holistic care for others, but need to remember to take time to care for themselves, too, to better serve others
  • 19:10 Although being a business owner you never truly are able to be on vacation, caring for patients and being an entrepreneur is professionally rewarding
  • 20:25 Dr. Bean encourages NPs to be active members of their state NP organizations. As a team, NPs in each state can have a larger voice as public health advocates, as well as opportunities to network with other nurse practitioners.
  • 21:11 Contact information for Dr. Bean and the TNNPA
  • 21:45 Closing Remarks – TNNPA Monthly Meetings on 3rd Friday each month and First Annual TNNPA Conference planned for Winter 2015.
  • 23:02 Episode Outro
Links Discussed in Episode 005:
Tennessee Nurse Practitioner Association Website Tennessee Nurse Practitioner Association @tnnpa Serenity Health Care, PC Website Serenity Health Care, PC

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Dr. Rachel Silva, NP Founder and Producer

The Nurse Practitioner Show Podcast™ Podcast

Dr. Scharmaine Baker, NP Episode 5 Co-Host

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